id - The primary key for each event. Uses the UUID 4 standard.

title - The short, descriptive title for the event.

detail - The longer, more detailed description of the event.

outcome - The event outcome. Two choices are available here: success or failure, as defined here.

outcome_detail - A more detailed description of the outcome of the event.

date - The event’s date and time of occurrence.

entry_created - The date and time that the event was created in the database.

entry_modified - The date and time that the event was last modified in the database.

contact_name - The name of the individual or organization who created the event, or which is responsible for managing the events.

contact_email - The email address for that individual or organization.


get_absolute_url() - This method returns the absolute URL which points to the event’s own details page, minus the domain.

is_success() - This method returns a Boolean (True or False) which indicates if the chosen value for outcome was success. So, if the event outcome was a success, then this method would return True.